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I believe it is only fitting to start the very first blog post for Country Girl Management with a success story. This is for a couple of reasons. Obviously, we want you to see the incredible opportunities that we can provide for the girls who we meet and mentor, but, in addition to this, we also want to show you that every girl that comes through our program was once a 'beginner'. At Country Girl Management, we meet so many girls who honestly believe that they can never make it as a model because they aren't 'pretty' enough and it is so important that we empower a change in that mindset. So, let me introduce Georgia Farley to you. We met Georgia Farley in Lismore on our national tour in 2016. At only 16 years of age, Georgia was quiet and reserved. She had also never modelled before. Georgia threw herself wholeheartedly into the Country Girl Management event and ended up producing some of the most incredible photos we have ever seen.

Country Girl Management

It's fair to say that Georgia is stunning in person, but on camera, she transforms.

After winning the Lismore event, Georgia's new found confidence allowed her to shine and went on to place first in the Country Girl 2016 National Final. She was then signed with Australia's leading modelling agency as part of her prize and was taken in for a test shoot soon after. Within a week of the shoot, Georgia landed a casting with Universal Clothing and a spread with RUSSH Magazine.

Country Girl Management was founded back in 2008 and our national tour has been in full flight since 2009. Our scouts (find out more about them here) are constantly searching for new talent and are looking for girls for a range of industries including runway, curve, commercial, acting, and beauty. Our national model search has previously travelled to over 60 locations nationally and we are so excited to be taking our tour overseas to New Zealand this year (check out our tour locations and dates here). When we travel, we also run a confidence campaign where we aim to empower young women to believe in themselves and find their inner beauty.

With this blog we hope to share a bit of our knowledge with you. We want to highlight some more success stories, give you an insight into the wonderful world of modelling, and hopefully answer some of your questions (we know you will have some!). As for Georgia's story, it is definitely one that makes us proud as it encompasses everything that we stand for. In particular, her transformation from unsure teenager to confident young woman is one that should be admired, and is one that we try to emulate in every girl that comes through our program, whether they end up modelling or not. 2017 is set to be a year full of new adventures, some beautiful new faces, and an outstanding level of growth for Country Girl Management and we can't wait to have you join us on this incredible ride.

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