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Did you know that one of the best ways to improve as a model is to self train? You might be surprised to find that most models are actually self trained – meaning they are able to keep up with modern trends, constantly improve, and save heaps of money on deportment classes! Although it sounds simple, self training can actually be quite difficult. The reason for this is that in order to self train effectively you have to be very aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and be able to work on them without attacking yourself or putting yourself down. Once you are able to critique yourself without putting yourself down, you'll find that you will be more confident and will be able to improve quickly and take others' feedback more effectively.

If you're a little bit lost on how to start self training, check out our activity below that you can start RIGHT AWAY!

1. Have a look through your favourite magazines/modelling websites and select some photos that you love. It's a good idea to find models who have a similar body shape to you so that you can work with poses that are perfect for your body type.

2. Select 2-3 images and stick them to your mirror at home.

3. Just spend a week or so looking at these images every day. Get familiar with the poses and facial expressions that the models are using. Most importantly, try and recognise the emotion that the model is trying to portray in each image.

4. Start trying to replicate the exact pose in each image. Focus on your body positioning and facial expressions. Be critical of yourself – remember, you are self training! How can you get the pose to look the best on YOU? Can you engage your eyes more? Can you show off your curves more? Remember, you need to get to the stage where you can strike the pose without having the image in front of you.

5. Next, start trying to incorporate each pose consecutively (one after the other). Once you've done this with a few poses together, this is called a flow.

6. Finally, take the mirror away and show some friends and family your poses for some feedback.

Canberra Regional Finalist Katherine self training

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