Meet a Model: Rachel Wykes

In this Meet a Model, we would like to introduce Rachel Wykes. The beautiful Rachel won the 2015 Country Girl Management Model Search and Confidence Campaign in Dubbo and has since gone onto be signed with WINK Models and compete in Miss Universe.

Photo: Daniel JH Seo

1. Had you ever done any modelling before entering the Country Girl Model Search?
Before entering Country Girl, I had no previous experience with modelling but I had also known it was something that I wanted to do in the future.

2. How did you find the experience with Country Girl Management?
When I competed in Country Girl in 2015, I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t heard of the competition before. On the day of the competition we met director Katie and she was full of energy and encouragement which calmed everyone’s nerves and made it a really fun environment. There was so much advice given about what to do on the catwalk, how to pose and be confident in front of the camera, and also how to be confident within yourself. I found all of this information so helpful as my confidence was quiet low at the time. When I was crowned Miss Country Girl in Dubbo I couldn’t contain my excitement, and couldn’t believe I was heading up to Nationals Finals on the Gold Coast to compete. When we arrived at the National Finals, I was shocked at the amount of information surrounding health and fitness, beauty, and confidence that I received. I also made so many incredible friends – many of whom I still talk to today! Overall, I couldn’t recommend girls entering Country Girl enough! It was an incredible experience and really gave me enough knowledge to set foot into the industry.

3. What was the biggest thing you learnt at the event?
The biggest thing I had learnt at the event was that it is beautiful to be yourself and try new things! The people who become most successful in life work hard for the goals and dreams they want to achieve.

4. How did you go with Miss Universe?
It has been a couple of months now since being selected as a NSW State Finalist for Miss Universe, and what an experience that was. It was incredible to be able to have such amazing opportunities placed in front of you and Miss Universe had supplied that. On the night of the competition, I was confidently myself, I made sure that I was presenting the audience and judges the full version of myself, and I was really proud of myself. I did not make it through to the next round but I am proud that I had come that far and was true to myself, I will definitely be doing it again next year.

Photo: Vincent Fahey

5. What would you say to girls who are worried about attending the Country Girl event?
Just be yourself!!
I know being from a small town is hard to not be embarrassed when you want to do something no one else is doing. People will be prouder of you for putting yourself out there and achieving amazing things, rather than worrying what other people have to say. It will be the most amazing time where you will feel so confident - trust me it’s all worth it! Also, if you do not get chosen please remember it isn’t the end of the world or your future career. I didn’t win the Country Girl National Finals and now I am signed with one of Australia’s leading Commercial based modelling agencies, all because I worked hard and never gave up.

6. Did you find Country Girl was able to link you with opportunities?
Country Girl linked me with opportunities through gaining knowledge about the industry and how to get into it. Having a portfolio set up through Country Girl’s photographer really made a difference with trying to gain a network with Australia’s agencies.

7. How has your life changed since Country Girl?
I have become a confident young woman who is always encouraging young people to chase their dreams no matter how many times others may try to knock them down. I cannot thank Katie enough for her positive and encouraging attitude which I now take on myself.

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