The importance of first impressions

There's much more to being a successful model than just having a pretty face. For models, it's incredibly important to be able to converse with a range of different people and make a positive impression in a very small amount of time. This is because as a model you need to be able to embody the 'personality' that the designer is looking to connect with through their designs. Oftentimes the difference between landing a job and not making the cut can be down to a first impression. In saying this, however, first impressions are also incredibly important in every day life. Whether you are going to be a model or not, you should always try to put your best foot forward when you are meeting people because you just never know where a positive first impression can take you. I've compiled a list of ways to make a stellar first impression below.

Look them in the eye
This is a really important factor in making a positive first impression. In western cultures, eye contact is commonly associated with confidence, sincerity and trustworthiness. Obviously, too much eye contact can really freak people out, but when done in good measure, it's a great tool. In addition to this, maintaining eye contact can also help you to gauge what the person you are talking to is thinking and feeling! But, before you go ahead and look the world in the eye, just keep in mind that some eastern cultures eye contact is considered disrespectful and aggressive. So always be mindful when you are approaching a new person and adjust your level of eye contact to the level that they are giving you to make a great first impression.

Be interested and interesting
How good does it feel when you know someone is listening to what you have to say and is generally interested in your outlook on the world? Showing other people that you are captivated by their conversation is another great way to make a positive impression. It is so important to understand, however, that you must remain sincere. Don't fake interest as that is risky and not a great way to make a connection. If you are struggling to be interested in the conversation as it is, ask leading questions that are likely to steer the conversation in a direction that does engage you. In addition to showing others that you are captivated by their conversation, you should also try to be captivating yourself. This means avoiding one word answers, closed questions, and general apathy.

Dress to impress
As silly as it sounds, when you look good you're more likely to feel good. A study done by Harvard Study of Communications found that it takes around 7 seconds for a first impression to be made and 55% of a first impression is based on visuals – including how we are dressed! Sometimes spending that extra 5 minutes to make yourself feel great about your appearance can also make a huge difference in your confidence levels, especially when meeting new people.

Avoid awkward body language
Body language plays a huge part in how we are perceived and judged by others. Always be open in your body language by relaxing your posture, keeping your shoulders back, standing up straight, using affirmative gestures, and keeping your arms uncrossed. When you do this, you are more likely to be perceived positivity by others.

Don't mumble!
There's nothing more annoying than someone who mumbles to the point where you have no idea what they're saying. Every time you have to repeat what you are saying, you are stilting the conversation. This can make for an incredibly awkward first impression. Speak with confidence and volume!

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