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Janessa McFee is a wonder woman. After waking up one day realising that she wasn't living to her true potential, she has since turned her life around and committed herself to empowering women that they were 'born for more'. Janessa is obviously incredibly beautiful. But, the most important thing I want you all to take away from her guest article is this: Despite the beauty that you and I might be able to see, Janessa once felt like you might right now: self conscious, uninspired, and lost. I hope reading a bit about her story and her approach to life inspires you to love yourself a little more and see your own beauty like the rest of the world does.

So, introducing Janessa McFee: Founder and Director of Born for More Fitness:
Janessa McFee

Have you ever felt like there's a battle going on in your head that holds you back from what you really want to do or be in life?

Maybe you wanted to get to know that guy, but you held back from being yourself because you didn't think you were pretty enough.

Maybe you wanted to get out of bed an hour earlier to go to the gym, but you didn't show up because you thought everyone there was going to judge the way you look.

Or maybe, you wanted to chase your dreams and teach education in a third-world country, but you never started University because someone once said you're crazy to think you'll actually make a difference.

You know what, I've been there.

In my lifetime: I've held back from being my full self because of what others may have thought. I've not expressed my true thoughts or feelings for fear of being rejected by others. I've been bullied and I've even been the bully - a bully to my own self.

I once had three powerful, yet incredibly paralyzing fears:
1. performing on stage.
2. talking to new people.
3. women. (hilarious, I know).

I couldn't perform on a stage because I had once been laughed at for being a bad singer.
I couldn't talk to new people because I once had a hard time making new friends at school.
I couldn't be around other women because they had once caused too much drama, gossip and hurt in my life.
Then one day, I decided to change my thoughts. What if... I could?

I had closed myself off to the thought of possibility because I didn't believe I was good enough. It was all lies. It was selfish. It was immature. The negative thoughts and false stories I had created in my mind consumed me, until I realized these fears I had been carrying around since primary school were no longer a reflection of the woman I truly wanted to be.

Just one year ago, I competed in my first ever fitness competition. I didn't compete because I wanted to win, or even because I wanted to look good. I competed because I decided I had had enough of all the negative self-talk and made up stories I once believed to be true. I decided I was going to rock that stage, make new friendships that will last a lifetime, and encourage women to realise that they too are already more than enough.
Janessa McFee
During the competition preparation, I created some positive affirmations which I promised myself I would read daily to help boost my self-belief and confidence - the one thing I was struggling with the most. Not only did I end up winning first in the Junior Division of the Competition, but also in the Overall Bikini Category - all with only a 4 week preparation!

Reading my affirmations daily and shifting the way I saw myself as a woman literally changed my life and I still read them everyday.

I am at a stage in my life now where I have overcome so much: many hurtful experiences, many lies I've believed to be true, and many fears that once had me paralyzed. I've learnt that facing and dealing with hard things, and really getting out of our comfort zones is where we grow the most, and even though I am now mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally stronger than I've ever been, I still know there is so much more to come - for you and I both.

Since overcoming my greatest fears, I have used the confidence and self-belief I developed and turned it into "Born for More Fitness" - a movement where my passion for health and fitness connects with a greater purpose: and that is to empower women to see their own true self worth and for them to realise that they were "Born for More" too.

Your thinking impacts your
beliefs, which impacts your
expectations, which impacts your
attitude, which impacts your
behaviour, which impacts your
performance, which ultimately
impacts your life!

You can and you will succeed, beautiful lady.

Sometimes we will place barriers in our minds that say we can't go beyond a certain point in life; that we can't dream beyond it or reach beyond it. Negative thoughts are real but often they're just not true. If there is one thing I have found to be true (and confronting) though, it is that: "a lie is as good as the truth if you believe it and act on it".

With the practice of positive self-talk and the application of self-belief there are no limits, just unlimited power.

You can download your own affirmations as well as a copy of my eBook FREE by heading straight to my website:

You were born for so much more.

Janessa XX

Born for More Fitness

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