GUEST BLOGGER Eve Hess on finding your deep soul-level happiness

Not too long ago we welcomed the beautiful Eve into the CGM team. Eve has travelled all the way from Oregon USA. At the CGM Model Search and Confidence Campaign events, Eve is one of our amazing photographers. She is passionate and driven and has spent the past few years travelling the world on her journey to Australia. During her travels, Eve discovered the importance of true inner happiness and taking time each day to work on individual mental health. She took the time this week to share some ways that she's been able to spend time focusing on developing her own happiness with us. Enjoy!

What makes you happy?

And when I say happy I don’t mean that surface-level fleeting happiness. I mean that deep soul happiness. When was the last time you checked in to see if you’re doing what truly makes your soul shine?

Recently, I took the much needed time to check in with myself and ask if I was doing what truly made my soul happy. I spread out a few blank sheets of paper, grabbed a sharpie and wrote down the things that bring me immense joy. Then I sat and looked at my list: photography, yoga/meditating, writing, surfing, spending time in nature, baking, reading, etc. After I looked at all the little pieces that make my soul happy, I asked myself if I was implementing those activities into each of my days. Was I taking the time for myself or was I continually telling myself, tomorrow or next week or when I have more time. The hard and cold truth that hit me smack in the face as I sat there was simple: I will never truly be 'soul' happy unless I decide to make the effort. No one is going to walk up to me one day and be like “oh sorry I’ve been keeping this from you, but here is that soul happiness that you’ve been waiting for".

It takes courage to do what makes your soul happy. This is because it's likely that it will sometimes let you down, there will be someone who won't like your art, or someone you care about will question it or tell you that you can't. Sometimes that person is yourself. Regardless, you need to do it because when you do it gives the rest of us the courage to fearlessly pursue our soul happiness too.

When I first started taking photos I refused to share any of them with anyone for a long, long time. I had the belief that they weren’t good enough or that people would look at my art and wouldn’t like it. It took me awhile to realise that my photos and that creative process wasn’t for anyone else but me. I had to work really hard to ignore that negative part of my brain, to embrace the fear, and to not attach any expectations to the outcome of sharing my art with others. Photography is something that makes my soul happy and that in itself is reason enough for me to do it.

I have been especially lucky to also get to incorporate what makes my soul happy into my job. Being a photographer and taking photos of all the beautiful girls who attend the CGM events is something that I’ve found brings me immense joy. Struggling with my own insecurities, fears, body image issues, etc., I love being able to capture each girl’s natural beauty. Providing young women with a selection of images where they look beautiful and confident is something that makes my soul explode with happiness, because far too often are we our own worst critics.

Take time this week to figure out what makes your soul happy, write down a list and make an action plan. Select 5 or 10 things that excite you and possibly at times scare you. Look at your list and decide to devote time during the week to incorporate at least a few of those items into it. Realise as scary as it may seem: it’s worth it, you are worth it. That if you love gardening, garden. If you love surfing, surf. If you love reading, read all the books you can find. We only get one go at this. So go do it.

Eve xx

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