9 ways to ensure you have a great day with Country Girl Management

So you've signed up for a Country Girl Model Search event. It's highly likely that you've never modelled before or have only had limited experience in the industry. For this reason you're probably feeling a bit nervous and are unsure of what to expect on the day of the event. This is all okay and completely normal. With the following 9 points, I hope to alleviate some of your nerves, provide you with some more information on what to expect on the day of the event, and give you some hints on how to make sure you have a relaxed and rewarding experience with us at Country Girl Management!

1. Relax, you're beautiful!

The most important thing to remember is that you are beautiful, regardless of the outcome on the day. All of the girls we meet are special in their own way so you need to let go of any self doubt that you may have because it will only hold you back! Remember, Country Girl Management is a mother modelling agency that scouts for a range of industries - runway, commercial, beauty, curve, and even acting – so there isn't a specific look or size that we are looking for. As such, the best advice that I can give you is to embrace the opportunity, be confident in your own beauty, and trust in the process! You never know what might come of it.

2. Wear something comfortable.

We get it, figuring out what to wear is really tough. It only makes sense that you would be overthinking every detail of your look in order to make the best impression on our scouts that you can. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:  
  1. - Check out our Pinterest boards for some inspiration:https://au.pinterest.com/countrygirlmanagment/
  2. - Although skirts and mini shorts can be great, just be aware that you will be doing some shots on the ground so you don't want to have to be worrying about them riding up!
  3. - Dress for your shape! Have you got killer legs? A beautiful waist? A gorgeous figure? Show us!
In additional to these points, the biggest piece of advice we can give you is wear something comfortable! Too often we see girls sacrifice their comfort for clothing that they think we want to see. Keep it simple and authentic to your style!

3. Wear the shoes that you are going to walk the catwalk in to the workshop

Shoes can make or break you on a catwalk. If you are going to wear heels, make sure you are comfortable walking in them. We want you to be confident on the catwalk so if that means wearing flats then do it! Also, it's a good idea to wear your catwalk shoes to the workshop. This will allow you to practice strutting your stuff just like you will on the night! One more thing, make sure your shoes are nice and clean!

4. The issue of hair and make up.

Before you ask, no we do not supply a hair and makeup artist for our girls to utilise during our model search regional final events. As such, we do not expect our girls to go crazy with their hair and makeup. Try and keep your makeup as natural as possible for the photoshoot: some mascara, foundation, and a touch of lip gloss is perfect. Your hair is completely your choice, but we find that hair out looks amazing in photos.

5. Bring an extra outfit.

During the event, some girls go in for another photoshoot and need an extra outfit. As such, it is a good idea that you pack another 'look' that you can change into just incase you need it. When deciding on what to bring, think about what look you think you would like to promote as a model. Do you think your look would suit high fashion? Perhaps fitness? Swimwear? Whatever you decide on, bring it along!

6. Confidence is key.

We are a confidence-building agency! As such, we want girls who are confident in themselves and their beauty. Confidence can do wonders on a catwalk and can transform your beauty to the next level. So throw your shoulders back, keep your chin up, and let yourself shine!

7. Have an open mind - you don't even know the opportunities that could await you.

If you've never modelled before, the Country Girl Management Model Search event may seem quite daunting to you. It is likely that some of the things that you are involved with on the day are going to be new and scary – despite this, embrace it! To get the most out of the day you need to give it a go and be open to all of the opportunities. Put your trust in us as we are going to work with you to try and build your self esteem and body image.

8. Bring a friend.

Sometimes it is great to have some moral support during the event. Your friends and family are more than welcome to join you for the whole day and tickets are available for the catwalk event. In addition, if you think you know someone who might benefit from the program, send through their contact details to us (with their permission of course) and we will see if there is a spot available for them as well!

9. Talk to us and have fun!

If you have any concerns, before, during, or after the event, please talk to us! We want you to get the most out of the experience and if you aren't talking to us about your thoughts, aspirations, ideas, and feelings then it can make it hard for us to help you. At the end of the day, we want you to have fun and enjoy the experience, so any way that we can help you out, please let us know! We can't wait to meet you and are so excited to see where this incredible opportunity could take you.

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