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Not too long ago, when the CGM team were spending time in Adelaide after an event, something happened that I believe is quite important to share.

The team of us had just worked two events over the weekend and were spending Monday exploring the Barossa Valley. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot and our lovely waitress came over and introduced herself. After the waitress had finished explaining the menu to us, Sarah (our resident stylist, photographer, and all round superwoman) complimented her beautiful shoulder-length bob-style haircut.

There is absolutely no question that Sarah's compliment actually changed this lady's day and quite possibly even drastically improved her self image and confidence.

You see, what we didn't know, was that just over a week ago our waitress had incredibly long hair that she had gone in to the hairdresser to get 'trimmed' and they had made such a huge mistake that, in the end, around 30cm of her hair had to get taken off. The result of this incident was that our waitress became incredibly self conscious and no longer felt as 'beautiful' as she did with her long hair.

When Sarah, someone who she had only just met, complimented her new haircut, our waitress was taken aback but also incredibly moved. Her whole body language changed and her mood lifted.

It really is amazing what a compliment can do. It definitely made me think that we should all take the time – at least once a day – to give someone else a genuine compliment.

Think about the last time you received a compliment from a stranger.
How did it make you feel?

Have you ever had someone compliment something that you were previously self-conscious of?
Did it change the way you view yourself?

At each of our CGM Model Search and Confidence Campaign events, we go through how to give and receive compliments. This is an important thing to learn because if done correctly, being both the compliment GIVER and RECEIVER can be a really rewarding experience.

Source: Soul Meets Life

A basic how-to on compliments

Giving compliments should be something you practice doing as much as possible. When you give a compliment, look the person in the eyes and be genuine. Find something that you actually like and just tell them! This may be a little nerve-racking at the start, but you'll find that the more you do it, the easier it will become.

As obvious as it sounds, it can sometimes be harder to receive a compliment than it is to give one. This is because often our first reaction to a compliment is embarrassment. We don't want to seem like we are 'up ourselves', so often we automatically cut the compliment down in an attempt to protect ourselves. This ultimately leaves both parties feeling kind of empty. When you are a receiver of a compliment, it is important that you look the giver in the eyes and sincerely thank them. This will make the compliment giver feel like their compliment has been acknowledged and received.

What I learnt from watching Sarah and the waitress chat was that giving a compliment can actually change a person's life. I challenge you to take the time today to try to change a life via giving a compliment as well.

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