Beating Your Inner Bully

"9 out of 10 girls limit their eating and risk their health when they don't feel good about their body." "85% of women opt out of important life activities if they don't feel good about the way they look." Statistics taken from the The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 2016.
For a long time, self confidence seemed a somewhat elusive and seemingly unobtainable personal quality to me. As a woman, it can be incredibly difficult to fight our own self doubts and insecurities whilst trying to balance the expectations that we feel are placed on us by others. What I've learnt over time, though, is that although we may not be able to be completely self assured and confident all the time, it is definitely possible to be comfortable in your own skin and triumphant over that inner bully. Most importantly, when we achieve this, we are able to live much happier lives.

The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report (2016) highlighted that 78% of women and girls feel pressure to never make mistakes or show weakness. The concerning part of this statistic, and the others that are provided above, is that women are limiting themselves, their achievements, and their happiness due to a lack of self confidence.

As ridiculous as it sounds, in order to give the world the best version of ourselves, we must first be able to love who and what we are. Additionally, in order to deflect the negativity of others, wemust be able to develop a thick skin of self belief.

So how do we start beating this inner bully?

At Country Girl Management, we believe in the power of positive personal affirmations. If you are a bit unsure of what that actually means, basically, an affirmation is a form of emotional support or encouragement. For example, when we look into the mirror, instead of bombarding ourselves with negativity about the way we look, we should transform our thoughts into positive affirmations. This in no way means we become conceited, but simply able to rise above our self doubts. With this power, we are then able to focus on the important things, like achieving our goals and embracing all the amazing things in our life.


I feel beautiful today.

Today I am going to achieve great things.

No matter what others tell me, I am important and worthy of greatness.

Great things are going to happen today.

I am not defined by the way I look, my failures, or the size of my clothing.

I matter and what I have to offer this world also matters.

I am not afraid of making mistakes as they allow me to grow and evolve.

I am on the path towards success.

I have the power to create change.

My beauty is made up of more than just my physical looks.

I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.

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