10 Common Dieting Myths, BUSTED!

When it come to dieting, EVERYONE has their own ideas about what is healthy and what is not. This means, when it comes to working towards a body goal, it can be really hard to decipher the best foods to eat to get us on our way. To help sort fact from fiction, this week we have sought the advice of final-year dietetics student Jim Arrowsmith (Instagram). Jim comes from a background in commercial cookery […]

Welcome to the New Year

Welcome back to 2018! It's so nice to be back writing for the CGM blog. Now that Christmas and New Year are quickly becoming a distant memory, the CGM team have settled back into the groove of things again and have just held our first event of the year on the Gold Coast. 2017 was such a huge year for us and we are so excited for what is to come – in particular we […]